Why the name? I chose PASSIONfruit Communications to represent my services because I believe YOUR passions- who you are, and the things you craft, sell or promote- ought to be first in every one of YOUR customer’s minds. And my passion is putting 30+ years of consumer marketing and sales expertise in the wine, specialty food and craft spirits industries to work for YOU. The goal being to build consumer loyalties, develop long-term strategies, increase brand exposure, communicate your message and ultimately, strengthen the growing relationship between people, places and the world of food and drinks that surrounds us.

So, let’s shout from the rooftops everything you are. Because when you have passion for what you do, well, I think we can all agree it makes life a whole lot more exciting. Back to the name–it’s also simply because I adore passionfruit.

 “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.
And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
~ Dr. Howard Thurman


Tanya Seibold is a regular contributor to the culinary and lifestyle publications of Wine Country This Week Magazine, Very Napa Valley Magazine, Wine Country Lifestyle Magazine, Sonoma County Day Trips, and has written and edited on-line articles for VinoVisit.com and BayArea.com. Her professional experience spans over 30 years in marketing and sales in the retail, specialty food and beverage industries. She is a member of The Association of Food Journalists (AFJ), International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA), and is continuing her role started in 2013 as a CTA (Certified Tourism Ambassador) for Sonoma County, CA.

She is currently accepting select clients and can be reached at tanya@passionfruitcomm.com for more information on her full ranges of services.

banner photo: Andrei Levitskiy

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