Sunshine and palm trees- what could be better! A few weeks ago, I made a bit of an impromptu trip down to Palm Springs. It had been raining here in Sonoma County for days and days….and days, so I decided to shake the wet weather, get out of dodge and find some sun pronto! I grabbed my good friend Miss LJ, loaded up the car and off we went! It’s about a 7.5-hour drive from the Bay Area to Palm Springs (which isn’t too bad I s’pose when you’re desperate for sunshine!) and we all know that road trips are where adventures begin, right?

By going in early February, we took advantage of the cooler winter weather (by Palm Springs standards, mind you) and begun to explore the surrounding areas as soon as we arrived. Day time temps were 65-72F– which was perfect actually. Blue skies graced us each day and there was very little tourism traffic to slow us down. Here are just a couple of the amazing places we visited that week–each one a must-see when you’re visiting ‘The Desert’

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